Saturday, February 2, 2008

It's Groundhog Day!!!

Being a Punxsutawney-ian, today is a continuation of a birthright to be forever seen as a crazy, rodent worshiping, white-trash heathen. I love it. So, this morning, I made the trek to P-town with the fam and a couple friends to partake in the G-hog Day festivities. No Gobbler's Knob for us this morning, though. The four of us were on our way to the Punxsy Country Club for the annual breakfast. Good food. Actually, great food. There's a lot more to this story, just can't post about it now. Keep an eye out for more on the "Mystery Breakfast". (I know I sound like a complete nerd, but bear with me.)

Homebrew tip - Starters are rollin', and there's a start time of 11AM for tomorrow's double-brew-day.


Rich said...

Hi Guys,

GOOD LUCK with the most noblest of endeavors. I wanted to invite you guys to join my social network for beer drinkers. We have a few other start-up breweries from other parts of the country. Maybe you can share war stories with them and help each other out. Check it out it is - We would love to see you two there, cheers!

Adam said...

:-) Brought me back there for a minute (tear in eye). Haven't been there for a while. Ok...moment's over.

Is there still a big wooden Phil in that lot when you drive through town?