Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Batch XI Update

It's been six-plus weeks in the bottle, and MB's first PM batch was just begging to be tried. The short of it - We done good. It's amazing how a bunch of leftovers can come together to taste so good. The long of it to follow.

Batch XI - Six-Plus weeks, cellar temp.
12. oz bottle. Pours black/brown with amber hues. Huge head, three fingers of thick, foamy, beige goodness. Lacing is good w/ good retention. After a slow pour, one-finger head above the top of the glass. I am two feet away from the glass and can smell cotton candy. Sweet, citrus and resiny nose with floral notes. A faint touch of roast. There's so much going on. Sweet caramel notes, some toffee, a touch of chocolate however small, some raisin. There roast, mildly and subtly mixes with a moder bitter. Floral and citrus hops in the finish, moderate and not over powering. A touc hof dry but still sweet with a bitter lingering into the after. Mouthfeel is a bit watery but medium.

We did pretty well with this one.