Friday, February 8, 2008

Beer is good. Great Beer is Better.

Wednesday was a great night. The self proclaimed "Exec Board" of the Indiana Homebrewers Club gathered at my domicile for another "pre-meeting meeting" to discuss the upcoming, well, meeting of the IHC.

Meeting duration - a shade under three hours.
Time spent on upcoming events - a shade over 12 minutes

This left plenty of time for general BSery and sharing some good food and even better beer. Tasting list as follows . . .

Lost Abbey Lost and Found (Dave)
Westvleteren 12, 2004 (Nate)
Russian River Damnation (Justin)
Russian River Redemption (Justin)
Russian River Salvation (Justin)
Oskar Blues Ten FIDY Impy Stout (Eli)

I must give a shout out to Nate for sharing such a rare and absolutely outstanding beer with us. (He's got a great recap of the night at his blog, as does Eli, along with some great pics. And also a big thanks to Justin for being so generous with his San Fran haul.)

Great night, through and through.