Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rockin' the Weizenbock

Ten weeks in the bottle today for the Heavy Hefe Weizenbock (MB0003), so I had to have a taste. No official notes, just a few thoughts on it.

1) I'm SO friggin' glad that it hasn't started to get any metallic/extract twang/old homebrew tastes. (I'm pretty sure that the high alcohol content will take care of this issue). I think this is going to only get better over the next few, if not several, months.
2) Alcohol is pretty prevelant still. Not but, just "there".
3) Definately has a good barleywine feel to it. This is due to the Light DME in it instead of it being 100% Wheat DME.

This brings up a point of contention. The Heavy Hefe isn't a true weizenbock. The malt bill isn't the correct precentage for the style. So its more of a "high gravity wheat ale" or a "wheat and barley wine".

Overall, the beer's pretty good. I definately need to rate it.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Work, Marzoni's and Bottling

So a delivery for work today took me to Marzoni's to meet Dan from Heister House. Had to drop off some product, and we decided to grab some lunch. I figured this be a proper place to meet. Plus, I could get a couple of growlers to go . . . which I did. I procured an Avalance IPA and Marzoni's Seasonal Hefeweizen. I figured, what the hell. I have to bottle my Dark August Dunkelweizen tonight for the upcoming Thanksgiving Celebration. This was take II for the DADW, the first being wrought with troubles, the least of which being a boilover and a bit too much water in the primary, making for a pretty watery dunkelweizen, plus I didn't get a good steep with my chocolate malt due to lack of a crushing mechanism (rolling pins suck).

So this go-around I ordered my grains/extract from Grape and Granary pre-crushed, giving me a better steep, better color, and a friggin' awesomely better flavor. This batch is so much better than the first, and it's not carbed up yet. We shall see soon enough.

And on a side note, the Hefe's gone. Gotta love it.

Out - Dave

Friday, October 26, 2007

Starting Over

This "Blog" had been "abandoned" for some time. So now it's time to start over. Here's the shizzle.

Muckney Brewing is my official name for my unofficial brewing undertaking. I've been at it for just over 6 months now, learned a lot, and still have a ton to learn. This space will be focused on the beer scene in western and central PA, with (hopefully) frequent updates concerning, well, beer, both brewing and inbibing, events, and the undertakings of the newly formed Indiana Homebrew Club. It'll be good times.

Oh, and if sports or politics sneaks in, don't be worried, I was probably enebriated.

My goal's to get a rundown of my brewing experience posted by mid week.

Cheers, y'all. And happy Blogging