Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Rockin' the Weizenbock

Ten weeks in the bottle today for the Heavy Hefe Weizenbock (MB0003), so I had to have a taste. No official notes, just a few thoughts on it.

1) I'm SO friggin' glad that it hasn't started to get any metallic/extract twang/old homebrew tastes. (I'm pretty sure that the high alcohol content will take care of this issue). I think this is going to only get better over the next few, if not several, months.
2) Alcohol is pretty prevelant still. Not but, just "there".
3) Definately has a good barleywine feel to it. This is due to the Light DME in it instead of it being 100% Wheat DME.

This brings up a point of contention. The Heavy Hefe isn't a true weizenbock. The malt bill isn't the correct precentage for the style. So its more of a "high gravity wheat ale" or a "wheat and barley wine".

Overall, the beer's pretty good. I definately need to rate it.

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