Monday, November 5, 2007

We Are . . . .

Penn State.

Saturday was a day of my two favorite pastimes, football and beer. Tanaka and I found ourselves standing in a frost covered field overlooking Beaver Stadium at 9AM, temperatures barely above freezing, wondering why in the hell we woke up so early only to freeze our respective asses off. One quick look into the cooler answered the previously mentioned stupid question. The beer inventory was vast. A growler of Marzoni's Avalanche IPA, the same of WVA Brewing's Appalachian Ale, a couple bottles of SN Celebration '07, two homebrewed Heavy Hefe Weizenbocks, a sixer of Mackeson XXX Stout, and a sixer of Magic Hat Roxy Rolles.

We started our slow climb out of the (NERD ALERT!) cold depths of a frost covered Narnia with an absolutely delicious stout that really shattered my expectations. A great warming brew on a cold morning. The fact that we were drinking them out of Sheetz styro coffee cups made it all the better. It was like Cuppocino!!! The Roxy was next. Another great hoptastic offering by Magic Hat. This, unfortunately killed all subtlety in my taste buds, so the Appie Ale that followed seemed lacking, but I know this to not be the case. A return to Hopville with the Avalanche Growler, then a Celebration, one that we hoped was not premature.

This proved to not be the case. PSU held on to defeat the PurDON'T Boilermakers 26 to 16. To celebrate said victory, an obligatory trip to Otto's was necessary. The food was tasty, as I was plesantly surprised by their Mango Habanero wing sauce. I did partake in a couple of drafts, a Five Year Ale and an Arthur's Amarillo Pale Ale. Oh, and a Growler of the Five Year is somehow in my fridge right now.

There really isn't anything better than good beer, good friends, and good football.



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