Friday, November 16, 2007

Holy Leafy Hops, Batman!

Hoppy McHopperson Mr. 'Naka wanted to dry hop his first creation, the yet unnamed monster of an IIPA that's been aging in my basement for the past 6 weeks. So seeing how this was my first attempt at DHing, I figured we wouldn't skimp, even in the middle of (think of the "anchorman giving bad news" voice) THE WORST HOP SHORTAGE OF ALL TIME!!! So 2 oz. of leaf Cascade and an ounce of leaf Amarillo later, we have the makings of (see above voice) THE BIGGEST NOSE EVER FOR AN IIPA!!!! Ok, the previous statement may be an exaggeration, but it sure is a helluva an Impy IPA coming out. We're planning on bottling this beast Thanksgiving weekend, and popping the perverbial cherry on New Year's Eve (if we can wait that long).

On a completely related note, this weekend will mark my first partial mash attempt. I got the 2 gallon cooler today (nine bucks at Wally World) and I'm off to Village Homebrew tomorrow for my first 10 pound sack of grain. The beer was inspired by Stone XI, a Black IPA, or an India Black Ale. Still working on the recipe, but it's gonna be hoptastic, and hopefully taste good at the same time. As I said earlier in the day, this is either going to be fantastic, or its going to suck (other choice words, but this is a TV-14 blog). Update on Sunday. Have a solid Saturday. Go State!!



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Eli said...

So what time is the New Years Eve party?