Sunday, November 18, 2007

MB goes PM

Tonight boded an unforseen Steelers loss, but also a milestone in the progression of Muckney Brewing. Tonight we completed our first Partial Mash brew, an End of Year Beer to use up the grains and extract that have been compiled through the last six months. The recipe was inspired by Stone's 11th Anniversary Ale, a black IPA, or an IBA. This is basically a full bodied, over-hopped porter, or at least that's kinda how I wrote it. The Coleman two gallon cooler worked pretty well as a make-shift mash/lauter tun. I haven't worked out the efficency yet, but according to Beer Tools Pro, it was around 76%, which makes this brewer happy. We ended up with an OG of 1.069, which was 1 point above the target, so I think we did ok. I guess we shall see in the upcoming weeks.

Speaking of the upcoming weeks, it seems to be a busy time for Muckney Brewing, with unveiling of the newly named Show Your Hoppiness IIPA at the end of December, and no less than three brews scheduled for the same month; two aggressive beers by Justin to be unveiled at Febtoberfest, and the second run of my XLTPA.

The New Year never sounded so delicious.



Eli said...

Kevin James homebrews?

David said...

That's my Brewin' Hat. It keeps the sweat out of the beer.

So, yes, Kevin James homebrews. I get it a lot

Eli said...

Glad to hear I['m original.