Tuesday, November 27, 2007

This is one of those times . . . .

Homebrewing involves a lot of waiting. Currently that is what I am doing. I am waiting on a lot of things, actually. First, I'm waiting for my Black IPA to be done fermenting (we're getting there). Soon it'll be time to rack it to secondary and dry hop the sucker for a good while.

Speaking of dryhopping, Justin and I bottled the Show your Hopp-iness IIPA on Saturday while partaking in some good brews (A few Rogue Ales, Southern Tier Tripel, and DFH Punkin Ale). Holy crap is this going to be a good IIPA. This was Justin's first brew. He decided to go big and take on something a bit more complex, and if the warm, flat version was that good, I can't wait until it carbs up and ages a bit.

I'm also anxiously awaiting the still nameless Red Ale to carb up.

Oh, and as a quick followup, the Dark August Dunkelweizen was a hit at Thanksgiving.


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