Monday, December 3, 2007

Celebration, Shock, and a Birthday

So the weekend was busy. The wife and I had our respective company Christmas parties, full of IC Light and Miller Lite, so when Jeff invited me over for the Steelers/Bengals Sunday night game, I was happy. Why? Because he likes his good beer. He likes it so much, in fact, that he graciously accepted a batch of homebrew as his birthday present. And that is how the Fat Tire clone (MB0007) came to be. So way back in August the batch was brewed, and the waiting game began.

It ended last night, much like the National Championship hopes of the Mountaineers the day before, only this boded better results. The Fat Tire clone, christened Random 12 Ale, was a hit. A hit to the tone of a couple 6 packs between the two of us. I think it helped soothe Jeff's wounded Mountaineer soul. And it helped us celebrate a Steelers victory, and another record for Hines Ward. It was a good evening.

So tonight, as pictured above, I cracked a Red Ale (MB0008) after 4 weeks in the bottle. Pretty good. Mouthfeel's a bit lacking, and it may need a bit longer to mature, just a bit though. Mmmmm. I'm happy with it.

Oh, and LSU vs. OSU for the BCS championship is bogus. It's time for a 16 team playoff. Go State!!


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