Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Conundrum of a Beer Rater

This evening, after a long day of driving, working on development of a writing tutor, and edging ever closer to becoming just another cog in the machine, I decided to kick back and enjoy some of my spoils from Trader Joe's and have a nice beer. I was originally going to do a kind of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot and Victory Old Horizontal side-by-side. That didn't happen. Long story short, I took my wife to the emergency room after the Bigfoot was poured. I had already rated appearance and aroma. At my first sip came the request. Thank God (or whoever you and your loved ones may want to thank), she is ok. However, it was late when I got home and I just finished rating not 20 minutes ago. It is now 12:58 eastern standard time and I have to be up at 4:45 for work tomorrow. The conundrum was: 1.) Do I finish the beer? 2.) Do I finish the rate? Now as I was saying goodnight to her, she said, "You could have finished your beer before we went." This, my friends, was obviously a trap. If I were to ever utter the words, "Let me finish this beer before I take you to the emergency room," I will be meeting a least once a week in a church basement, and Dave will be getting a large stockpile of libations from my basement. However, let precedent now show that it is acceptable to finish the beer, as well as the rating when returning home. This is pending that all is well. It is late and she is most likely tired from the pain killers. She will sleep better without me snoring anyway. I feel this applies as a universal. So, the lessons I learned from tonight are: Patience and loving are often rewarded with a tolerance for your allegedly silly habits (such as rating beer). Second, Sierra Nevada Bigfoot will last 3 hours in the fridge while sitting open in proper glassware.
Please in no way let this downplay my love and concern for my wife. It is just a good release from what has otherwise been an extremely stressful day.



Eli said...

Glad the wife's ok, enjoy your Bigfeet.

Nate said...

Haven't you ever heard of a travel mug?

Adam said...

Happy to hear all is well.