Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

Sunday was Super Brew Sunday; Muckney Brewing's first attempt at two partial mash brews in one day. On the schedule were a PM run of G-Man's XLTPA (MB0013) and Rising Sun Ginger-Sesame Red Ale (MB0014-T3). Justin and I tackled the Red Ale first but, due to an unfortunate series of events, he had skip out on the XLTPA. For a 6+ our brew day, it went surprisingly smoothly, even with having to run a boil and a mash at the same time. I would definately suggest mapping out a plan if you're going to do more than one brew in a day.

So the results? They are currently fermenting in my dining room. Bubble, bubble. The Red Ale's wort tasted rather intriguing. I'm interested in how it turns out. The XLTPA was a bit short of its predicted OG, but that could have been because I was unable to stir it since I broke my brew spoon. Yeah, um, that plastic bends, but not that much. It's currently in three pieces in my trash. Wish I would have taken a picture. FYI, don't try to bend a brew spoon to fit in a 2 gallon pot filled with sanitizer. It fits, but not as one unit.

Sunday was also First Taste Day for the Dark and Mysterious Cinnamon Porter.

Two weeks bottled. Pours black w/ little head, amber hues throughout. Nose is 100% cinnamon, maybe a touch of roast. Smells of Close-up toothpaste. Taste is cinnamon up front, followed by roast and a touch of caramel. Finish is bitter, which lingers with some cinnamon into the after. Much better than I expected at this point.

I'm very interested to see how, a) this ends up with a couple more weeks on it, and b) how well this is received.

Up next for MB, more dark brews. A partial mash run of Quad D's Deep Creek Porter. Oh, and our first attempt at an RIS, some of which will be aged on bourbon-soaked oak chips.



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