Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Batch 11 = Good

I'm not a big fan of tooting one's horn, but MB did a fantastic job on the Batch 11 Dark IPA, so TOOT! TOOT!

Pours black with red hues throughout with a lingering beige head. Nose is sugary, resiny citrus and pine hops. Nice hop character, bitter with floral and citrus, notes of roast and caramel, some dark fruit, oh, and more bitter. End is bitter and dry, lingering into the after. I'm a fan.

On the homebrew tip, we're finally getting back into it on Super Bowl Sunday. Two batches; Rising Sun Ginger-Sesame Red Ale and XLTPA. Both partial mashes. I'm pumped for Sunday. For the game, not so much.




Eli said...

I want.

Adam said...
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Adam said...


I think you just inspired me to brew on Super Bowl Sunday! I'm not too enthused about the game either.