Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Year Cheer

Happy New Year to all. Hope that everyone made it though the holiday season intact and not too worse for wear. The last day of 2007 was a work day for Muckney Brewing, as Justin and I bottled the Batch XI Dark IPA and transferred the Dark and Mysterious Cinnamon Porter to secondary. Of course we had many a tasting while doing so, tasting some delicious winter ales from Jolly Pumpkin and Sly Fox.

We then celebrated the end of '07 by popping the first Show your Hoppeeness IIPA. I must say that we did a pretty damn good job. Bitter with tons of hop flavor and aroma, with a surprisingly full body and just a hint of resiny sweetness. We may actually be learning after all.

As of now, air unfortunately resides in the fermenting buckets of MB, but that will hopefully change soon.

Stay tuned, and happy '08.



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Eli said...

Looking forward to being Shown your Hoppeeness!