Thursday, June 12, 2008

Finally! Some New Brewing News!!

So I guess this is what happens when you brew a lot of big beers - lots of lag time. We finally transferred The Missionary Position (MB0018) to secondary! We hit a final gravity of 1.025 (corrected), which was a few points higher that what we were aiming for, but it's all good. Especially the taste. The past two weeks have really helped it meld together and start to cover up some of the alcohol hotness.

Justin and I did come to the conclusion that we're going to forgo the dried mangoes in this batch. I must say that I lobbied pretty hard for this. I felt that we have such a solid beer already, why add to it. Justin wanted to go for it. There's good reason for his insistance. The beer's name revolves around mangoes (bear with me). Using some rather loose logic, A mango-infused Belgian Strong Ale reminded Justin of a Monk on a Mission into some tropical location where he would find mangoes and begin using them in his Trappist-style ale. So that story, along with a tongue-in-cheek sexual reference, and there you have it. But at any rate, with the promise that we would brew another batch of this soon using mangoes, Justin conceded. So MB0020 will be The "Official" Missionary Position.

Also on deck is an American Pale Ale (MB0019), the infamous Stone Soup ASA (MB0021), and, some other tasty treats that are yet to be determined. Oh, and the first all-grain Muckney offering. More on that later.

Everyone have a good night. I gotta finish a beer.



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