Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Politics of Beer

I hinted a few posts back about an upcoming collaboration brew with another homebrewer/beer blogger. Well, as the Presidential Election draws nigh, it is time for the "official" announcement.

Over the past several months, El Bearded Brewer (EBB) of Bearded Brewing and I have become friends through countless e-mails concerning all things beer. Sometime this summer, EBB and I discovered that we don't quite see eye-to-eye when it comes to the political realm. So instead of spewing the usual talking points that one can get on pMSNBC or "fair and balanced" Fox News, we put aside our ideological differences and focused more on having a dialogue concerning our views on the upcoming election, letting the "other side" in on how we view things. Being the Evil Conservative that I am, there was no way I was going to be swayed by EBB's liberal leanings, nor would the converse happen (though, I tried!).

Out of these conversations, at EBB's suggestion, came the first beer in the Across the Aisle Ale series. Ladies and Gentlemen, Madam Speaker, I give you Bi-Partisan Porter. Each homebrewing entity will make a version of the same recipe, our Blue-State friend to the north making the organic version and us racist rednecks (yes, my congressman) in western PA making the (what's the PC term) non-organic version, no, wait, "chemically-enhanced" version. There were many variations of said porter on this end while we toyed with the idea of baby seal blood, but we weren't sure if it needed boiled. EBB suggested baby Bald Eagle blood, you know, to us an endangered animal AND be patriotic! Unfortunately, said "sangre" was difficult to procure, so at Justin's suggestion, we went with coffee instead, allowing our hippie friend to use organic free trade varietals whilst we sought out beans picked by a Colombian slave child (we actually settled on either Sumatra or Celebes. More to come on that, though).

This is going to be a great time. Not only will we be able to take unnecessary shots at each other over the next several months, but there is an opportunity to help open a dialogue between the left and right that this country so desperately needs. I mean, hell, our country was founded because of beer and has played such an integral roll throughout history, why not use it as a "uniter" in such trying times.

There will be plenty of updates here and at Bearded Brewing so stay tuned to each and chime in with any thoughts, comments or opinions. All are welcome.

I must echo, as my bearded friend has, that no matter who you vote for, be sure that you VOTE! Remember, Republicans vote on Nov. 4th, and you liberals have to wait until the 5th**!! I know, "Damned conservatives! Why do they get to go first!?!"



**Disclaimer: EVERYONE votes on the 4th. I don't want to be blamed for any disenfranchisement (that's a lot of letters). Though, if you're stupid enough to choose a beer blog as your one and only source of information on the upcoming election, then maybe you shouldn't vote! :)

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