Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Nutshell - Indianapolis

First off - MY COMPUTER LIVES!!! I was fortunate enough that it only needed a small tune up, instead of a whole overhaul, which is nice because I lost nothing. (Note to self: Print out ALL recipes soon)

So I've spent the past week in Downtown Indianapolis for work, which allowed me to sample some of the local beer culture. It's not often that one has access to three brewpubs within as many blocks, namely The Ram Brewery (Big Horn Brewing), Alcatraz Brewing, and Rock Bottom Indianapolis. Having been to numerous Rocks, I mainly frequented the not-so-accessible Ram Brewery, and the local Alcatraz. Both had standard Brewpub offerings, although the food at The Ram definitely bested the Alcatraz.

I did, however, get to share a pint with the head brewer for Alcatraz, Omar Castrellon, who was nice enough to share a sample of his bourbon-aged Impy Stout from his private stock, and a tasty brew it was.

On top of the brewpubs, I also had a few pints at J. Gumbo's, which boasts a tap list of 40 brews, focusing on local fare, including the coveted Three Floyds (check out my FFF Brewpub trip here), along with other micros and imports. Plus, they carried a small array of vintage beers, including some early 00's Sierra Nevada Bigfoot and North Coast Old Stock Ale. This is THE place to go when near the Convention Center in Indianapolis. Slightly out of the way and a bit more "local" than the usual chain restaurants, this place won't disappoint. The owner knows and loves his beer, and it shows in his selection.

Downtown Indy has always been one of my favorite "work cities" to visit, mainly because of the plethora of things to do downtown, only accentuated by its beer destinations. When in town, be sure to do it up.



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