Monday, November 3, 2008

The Rising Sun Twins Bottled - Fermentation Pipline Empty

That's right, dear reader, Justin and I finally got around to bottling the Rising Sun Ginger-Sesame Red Ale v1.1 (MB0023) and the Rising Sun Oiwai Ginger-Peach Red Saison (MB0024) yesterday afternoon. The process went smoothly. The Ginger-Sesame tasted as it should, with maybe a touch more ginger in the nose and taste than the previous version. The Oiwai Red Saison reached a FG of 1.007, which took away any of the sweetness the peach and apricot would have imparted. There is an interesting, slightly sour feel to this dry quaff, and I'll be extremely interested to see how it turns out after a few weeks in the bottle.

The issue now is that there's nothing in the pipeline at the moment. I will be attempting to brew this weekend, but time constraints may cause it to be moved until the 15th. Said brewing day will mark the 25th Muckney Brew, and will be the Bipartisan Porter collabo-brew with Bearded Brewing. Seeing how I'm a big fan of double brew days, I may have to work something else up.

On a completely unrelated note, I beat Justin in our head-to-head Fantasy Football matchup this weekend.




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