Friday, July 11, 2008

Wii Pong . . . .

While the Wii has be heralded for its interactive play and its newest venture into fitness, JV Games is embracing the Old School attitude and releasing a downloadable series entitled "Frat Party Games", the first being Beer Pong. Finally, technology being put to good use. I just wonder if it has a virtual keg of Keystone Light, or better yet, Natty.

As one can imagine, the game has been met with fierce opposition, mainly due to its ESRB T rating, saying that it's age-appropriate for teenagers 13 and up. This has caused JV Games to change the name (already) to "Pong Toss" and eliminate all references to alcohol. Read the whole story here, then shake your head in disgust at our society's inability to laugh. Though I do agree that the Entertainment Software Rating Board dropped the ball saying that it's cool for teenagers to practice for their weekend beer pong tourney in a virtual world, JV shouldn't have kowtowed to the criticism by changing the game, but rather pushed to get the rating changed. Now the game won't have my favorite parts, the little pilsner glass and bottle cap meters in the bottom right-hand corner. Oh, well, I guess I'll just have to watch the real pint glass in my hand empty instead.



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