Monday, July 14, 2008

Homebrew Update

I had a little homebrew housekeeping to take care of last night. The Leaky Faucet Pale Ale (MB0019) had finished fermenting out and was in dire need of some dry hopping. Its wish was granted last night as I racked it on top of an ounce of Cascade leaf hops. All went well, including 3/4 of a growler of Otto's KClinger's Brown Ale, which for all intents and purposes is one of better brown ales I've ever had.

The Faucet will chill in secondary for a week before being bottled. So far, so good, after a small scare of infection last week when I went to check the gravity and was confronted by a hideous vegetal/metallic/minerally smell. Thankfully, it has gone away, along with some of the fruity flavors. It's lookin' like this could be tasty.



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