Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mustaches for Ulcers, er, Something

In a sign of solidarity with our brewing brethren from the South, I've spent the last several days attempting to answer the call of Johnathan at Monday Night Brewery to

grow [your] own mustache in support of this worthy cause . . .. With the help of our collective upper lips, we may just be able to eradicate ulcers (and specifically stomach ulcers) once and for all.

Yes, I have spent the last several days dodging questions from the wife concerning my shaving habits all in an attempt to do my part. Unfortunately, my plans were thwarted this morning while I was preparing for the day, so I will be unable to participate in Mustaches for Ulcers in the "traditional" sense. Instead, I will be dedicating the next batch of MB beer to the cause, creating Stone Soup XXI Ale, the Mustachioed Dark IPA (MB0021). OK, the name needs some work, but you get the idea. Trust me, it's better than the dirty upper lip I was sporting for the past 5 days. I wish puberty would kick in.




Jonathan said...

Dave, I accept your contributions graciously. You are a true man of the mustache, hair or no. Any chance we could get a bottle of that beer? Perhaps design a joint label?

Jonathan said...

P.S. Where did you find such an amazing picture of a mustachio'd egg wearing briefs?

David said...

Jonathan -

We at Muckney Brewing are always looking for causes to support. The joint label sounds like a great idea, and MNB will definitely be receiving a few samples. And the the artwork was found using this thing called "Google". My 14 month old daughter told me about it. I guess you just type in words and it "finds" them on the "internet". I used the "images" button and just scrolled through until I found something useful.

Truly, though, a quick(er) and speedy recovery to you.