Saturday, March 1, 2008

Why there were 3 Musketeers.

Sometimes, you get to the point when 2 people just isn't enough. Last night, we reached that point. Sure it could have been averted with some patience and better planning, but at Muckney Brewing, we believe you should go hard or go home. As I was capping the Rising Sun Sesame Ginger, Dave was finishing the bottling process. Ever the thrifty brewer, he lifted the bucket above his head to get that last bit of beer into the bottle. What he could have used was a lesson in physics. Once the bucket was perpendicular to it's proper orientation, the remaining beer decided its home was not in the bottle, but rather on Dave. Hilarity ensued.

At any rate, we did get some work done. I brought my wife with me this time because I worry less about ignoring her when she is in the same room than me ignoring her when I'm out and she is home. We finished up 3 orders of business.
1.) Bottle the Rising Sun Sesame Ginger- I am a huge fan of how this turned out. The crystallized ginger in secondary gave it a nice gingery nose. It seems pretty well balanced. Can't wait until this is ready.
2.) Bottle G-Man's XLTPA- Done and done. For what this beer is, it is excellent. Nice light color and flavor. We have thought about using a dash more hops, but from what I understand, the Coach likes him some American Macros, so it worked out very well.
3.) Rack the under-bittered bitter to secondary- This actually was a really quality beer. It really did remind me a lot of Boddingtons. I'm excited to see how this finished product works out. I'm currently looking into where I can steal a nitro system.

Unfortunately, I don't think I have permissions to update the info on the right over there. If its updated, thank you Dave. If it is not, you should be able to figure out where things are by reading this post once again.



Adam said...

Heheh...if you don't have a little mishap every now and then your beer would suck ;-)

Jon (aka santoslhalper) said...

I can't lie.. that picture slightly arouses me.