Thursday, March 27, 2008

Better Bottle Bitter Bottled

With a shoutout to my man Tolkien, Muckney Brewing would like to present our Eagle and Child Ordinary Bitter. Named after the Eagle and Child in St. Giles, Oxford, England, a pub frequented by J. R. R. and C. S. Lewis, this bitter is our take on a classic Ordinary Bitter.

"Trying" to stay in style, this batch was summarily screwed up by Dave due to a lack of attention paid to the recipe. In my defense, I was brewing from memory (read: didn't look at the computer on the bar) while bittering and reverted to my original bittering schedule. The problem: my original schedule was about 10 IBUs too low to style. It was orignally to be a Best Bitter (8B), but ended up low on the OG tip, too. Read about it here.

So what did we end up with? A well balanced, quaffable session brew. A nice copper color, decent bitterness and a good caramel malt profile. I can't wait for it to carb up. Rating to come.

After Justin and I bottled the Bitter, we turned out attention to the Ides of March RIS. Long and short of it - they're still fermenting. With SG's of 1.040 and 1.034, neither batch is anywhere near the projected 1.021 FG. Took a couple samples, replaced the lids, and we're now letting them roll for a bit. Check back for updates.



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