Saturday, April 5, 2008

One Night in Detroit

Work recently took me to Detroit for a single Thursday night. Knowing the amount of good breweries in Michigan, specifically the Detroit/Ann Arbor metro area, this time I did my homework.

With only a limited number of hours to devote to beer due to that pesky "job thing", I strategically planned my route from my hotel, hitting a bottle shop and a brewery, culminating with dinner/beers with my cousin's fiance at a beer bar. Quick, fast and full of beer. 70 miles round trip. Try to keep up.

Leaving my hotel in Livonia, I traveled southeast to Dearborn to hit Merchant Fine Wines. This place is CRAZY! Tons of beer, huge Belgian and Import section, lots of sour ales, and of course the obligatory Michigan Beer. I picked up some JP 750's, E. S. BAM and Maracaibo Especial. I also put together a mix-6 include a couple brews each from Founder's, Arbor Brewing and Darkhorse.

Back in the car, I headed northeast to Kuhnhenn Brewing in Warren. Quite the drive, a bit farther than I anticipated, so my stay at the home of Raspberry Eisbock was severely diminished. It is completely (un)fortunate that I could only pop in and out to grab a couple bottles of KRE. The pub is just so inviting with a neighborly quality that just begs you to pull up a stool and let the barkeep pull a pint for you. Alas, I could not, because I was meeting someone.

My soon-to-be cousin-in-law (technical term) chose the final destination because he knew my penchant for good beer and good food, especially burgers. He did some searching and found the Red Coat Tavern, supposedly boasting the best burger Detroit has to offer. The burger was good, not necessarily the best, but the beer list was huge and full of great selections. 750's of JP and Ommegang among others, let alone some jewels such as Founder's Kentucky Breakfast Stout. BTW, it was fantastic. I would definitely suggest a stop at this red-lit, British pub that hasn't been changes since the '60s. I'll be sure to swing by when in town.

It was a great whirlwind tour. I wish I had more free time on this trip, but it looks like I'll be heading back shortly and will be able to partake in such a great beer scene.


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Justin said...

If you are home today, I want to come get my Kuhnhenn. How long does that need to age?