Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oskar Blues Old Chub

At first impression, I would have sworn that this was a cheap, Camo knock off with the complex flavor of feet and locker room. In my mind's eye I see a group of West Virginians passin' around a bottle of 'shine when one of them pulls out a six pack of this gem as a tasty treat.

Luckily, I know better. Good old Oskar Blues, quickly becoming one of my new favorite breweries, does it again with it's take on a classic Scotch Ale.

12 oz. Can. Pours a dark amber/brown with some light red hues. Nice medium khaki head, foamy and quickly dissipating from about one finger thick, leaving a decently laced glass. Big malt nose, mostly caramel with a slight smoke, and a touch of biscuit. Taste is full of caramel and chocolate, touch of toffee. A rather forward smoky quality permeates throughout, subtle, mixing with a mild to moderate bitter for the style. The end is crisp, but the hop bitterness and smoke lingers slightly on the sides of the tongue. Tasty brew. Would pair well with grilled steak or some beef brisket. k

I recommend picking up a sixer.



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Nate said...

You really ought to clean that glass ;)