Saturday, January 30, 2010


Yes, it's been a long damn time. for those of you who stop in once in a while on a hope and a prayer, said hope and/or prayer has been answered. And thanks for sticking around. The past, what, 6 months since I last posted have been busy, obviously, but not much has gone on in Muckney World. I have been brewing with some buddies, but nothing specifically here at MB. Plus I've been out of the beer world for a bit. Well, it's time to get back into it. I'm talking actual updates, some more partial mash brewing here at MB, and getting back to that "buying local" thing I was talking about last spring.

A quick few tidbits - The Mothman Barleywine is in bottles , though slightly undercarbed, still delicious. The Ultimate Table Beer (name change coming) is going to be bottled soon, and some thoughts on upcoming beer events.

I'll see you all very soon. . . .if anyone's still listening.




hopshead said...

If it were not for the feeds, I would have lost your blog. Brew Stong, brotha.

Anonymous said...
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