Monday, July 6, 2009

PGE: Mothman Barley Wine

I recently transferred to secondary what has been dubbed (thanks to Craig) the Mothman Barley Wine (MB0027). The gravity was 1.025 and, thanks to the simmering pre-boil (read about it here), there's a HUGE caramel flavor along with a big floral nose from the Cascade hops. It has a moderate to high bitterness, pushing this closer to an American Strong Ale, or dare I say and Imperial IPA?? We'll have to see in a month or so when it's bottled, but whatever this big beer is, it looks to be tasty.

In other news, Hwart's Bitter (MB0029) is going to be transferred to secondary later this week. It's been fermenting for just over a week and smells pretty decent. Even with all the issues on brew day, I'm interested to see how it ends up.

Stay tuned.



Chipper Dave said...

Have you guys been too busy to blog? Wonder what's been going on in the beerosphere lately. Cheers!

Web designer said...

LIttle steps take you a long way! Keep it up - read the whole blog last
week - inspiring! Will wait for your next post..

FUN & FACT said...

I was in Anderson Valley last April and got a taste of the wines (some truly nice stuff) and the lingo.Seeing the lingo on the back label certainly would be an improvement over most of what passes for back label wine writing…