Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day for some Bottling. . .

I got caps, or should I say, Justin picked up some caps. And looking at the above picture, it's a beautiful, January day in western Pennsylvania. It's the type of day when only an Impy Stout can warm you up, and venturing out is the furthest thing from your mind.

So, I'm sure this means I should bottle. I still have the Ode to the Halper Bitter (MB0026) "lagering" in the "cellar" (by "lagering", I mean sitting, and by "cellar" I mean the ice box that my basement has become. Who needs temperature control when it's 12F outside!), and it needs a home. I'm not quite sure if I'll get to it, as today is going to be dedicated to only one thing, the Stillers and their next stop on the road to the Super Bowl. We're kinda fans here at MB.

And to think, we were going to grill today. I think that idea's shot!

Go Stillers!!




Chipper Dave said...

Thanks for the comment on pitching the yeast. I admit it was probably overkill to add that 2nd vial, but it would have gone to waste if I hadn't used it. Next time I won't buy that extra one and make the yeast starter just a day or so ahead of time. Hoping to rack the beer to a 2ndary today or tomorrow and get the beer off the yeast cake.

Dave said...

Dude, it wouldn't have go to waste. It would have done well in your fridge for a few months. All you have to do to wake them up is make a starter!!