Thursday, September 11, 2008


Yes, here I am again sitting in a hotel room blogging about my recent bar hopping experiences in yet another city. This go 'round - Baltimore. Due to factors outside my control (read: work), I've only been able to hit a few of the local haunts, but, boy, did I choose the right ones. I started the the Wharf Rat at Camden Yards, a British-style pub that specializes in open fermented English Ales. The Rat has plenty of them, ranging from classic pub bitters to brown porters, sticking closely to style. . . and doing them very well. The bitter and ESB on cask were spot on. Plus, before 7 PM, they offer a "sampler" of three beers for five bucks, and by sampler, I mean 12 ounce mugs. Quite a sample, I do say so myself.

After a sampler and a few pints, Mr. Sales Manager and I headed over to Fells Point for dinner at a local haunt on the water, John Stevens, Ltd. The establishment was a small, dank and worn bar with a small menu that focused on local seafood. I recommend the crab cakes that are, as the menu states, the size of baseballs and chocked full of lump blue crab meat. The beer selection isn't too shabby either, focusing on local microbrews. Though a bit pricey, this place is a must stop when at Fells.

Following dinner, I headed over to Max's on Broadway, an extraordinary tap house with a huge selection of bottles, including many rarities. I was fortunate enough to hit the place while the local beer club was having a gathering and took company with a great group of beer geeks. The night turned into a sour tasting, including the likes of Stuiselensis, 3 Fontenin oude gueuze, and others that escape me at this time that left my tongue bruised and beaten, even today, two days later. It's like eating too many Sour Patch Kids as a youngin'. Again, Max's is a must hit when anywhere in the Baltimore area. I know, for sure, that I will patronize this place in the future.

I also have to give a shout out to the folks at Slainte, an Irish pub-style restaurant, again at Fells Point, that had the best food of this trip. Mr. Sales Manager touted the seafood gumbo as the best he'd had EVER, and the Guiness and Lamb Pie that I scarfed down was perfect. The beer selection, while not huge, was pretty solid, carrying plenty of micros and imports. Make sure to stop here, too, when in town.

On the homebrew front . . . Saturday is a brew day. As previously posted, Justin and I are going to do a double batch of the Rising Sun Ginger-Sesame, with a little twist of peach in half of it. More to come on this, this weekend.



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