Friday, May 9, 2008

Quick Hitters - RIS Update

Last night Justin and I FINALLY transferred the Ides of March RIS (MB0016) and the Ides of March RIS Quercus borealis (MB0017) to secondary. Respectively, their FGs were 1.031 and 1.035. Not exactly where we wanted them, but after 54 days in primary, rousing the yeast, pitching new yeast and a helluva lot of waiting, It had to be done. So we racked on over to our secondary vessels, being sure to add the Oak chips with Wild Turkey to the carboy. Off they went to the basement for at least a month, probably much longer to bulk age and then be bottled for a tasty winter treat. I hope all is well.

Up next: The Missionary Position BSA - tomorrow. More to come.



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