Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blue Canoe Brewpub - Now Open

The taps are flowing once again at the previously defunct Four Sons Brewery, now brewing under the moniker of Blue Canoe Brewery. Matt Allyn is back at the helm of the Titusville, PA brewpub, and has put together a solid lineup with a promise of more to come. Having opened this past Tuesday, there are currently 6 beers on tap, 5 regulars and a seasonal.

I was in luck to happen through Titusville on the way home from a business trip, and to my surprise, BCB was open and ready for business. Needless to say, I was pumped. I had always enjoyed my unfortunately infrequent stops at Four Sons, loving the atmosphere as much as the food and the beer. Now with this new incarnation of a truly local brewpub, there's plenty to look forward to in northwestern PA.

As for this visit, I was excited to see my favorite Four Sons brew still on the menu under a new name, Heavy Kevy, a heavy Scottish Ale. Malty, Biscuity, with a mild choclate note and a crisp, clean finish. I only sample said libation, opting instead for the Class 5 APA, a solid pale ale with good bitterness and hop character, and a goblet, or chalice if you will, of the current seasonal Big Sky, which is a Saison-esque Belgian Pale Ale. It was estery as all get out, but did have a nice biscuity background. As for food, the name escapes me now, but the turkey sandwich on the pretzel roll was killer, along with the homemade chips.

To sum it up - GO THERE! It may be a hike from everywhere in PA, but it's worth the visit.




Alison said...

I'm leaving tomorrow for a few days at my family's house in the woods outside Titusville. I cannot WAIT to go to the Blue Canoe; I hope they still do growlers.

Here's to the success of the Blue Canoe!

Allan said...

I'm glad to discover they have finally reopened.

I've missed the Four Sons the past few times we have visited Titusville.

I hope they do well.

Anonymous said...

this place has become my favorite of the local t-vegas bars. I'm not from there, but my better half is, and I look forward to going up just to get the heavy kevy, and the porter for him.

Mark said...

I visited on 9/5 and it was as good as I'd remembered. Well worth the trip, even from Kentucky! Heavy Kevvy is the bomb.

David said...

Hey all, thanks for the comments. BCB was tasty, and I can't wait to go back. I'm excited it has such a following. I hope this incarnation succeeds beyond the previous one. The scuttlebutt was, though, that the previous owner basically flew the coop, leaving Four Sons to its own demise, not renewing any licensing, et. Al. Again, thanks for visiting and hope to see you all back soon.